Olivia Piepmeier

Cucumber Sandwich

Categories: main veggies
A watercolor illustration of the sandwich from the side, cut open. From the top, you can see a slice of bread, a smear of fig jam, slices of cheddar cheese, slices of cucumber, a layer of mustard, and the final piece of bread.

inspired by a comment on New York Times Cooking


  • Cucumbers, sliced
  • Cheddar, sliced
  • Fig jam (I’ve found my favorite is Trader Joe’s Fig Butter)
  • Dijon mustard
  • Sandwich bread (if you have some other form of bread, it’s probably fine, I just feel this makes sense on sandwich bread vs. a crusty loaf, bagel, etc.)


  1. Lay out your two pieces of bread.
  2. One slice, spread the mustard.
  3. The other slice, spread the fig jam.
  4. Layer the cucumbers on top of the mustard.
  5. Layer the cheese on top of the cucumbers.
  6. Put the figgy piece of bread on top of the cheese.


When cucumber season arrives, this is lunch for many days. I love mustard on almost anything. I also enjoy using cucumbers in place of crackers to have a bit of cheese. The fig jam brings a deep sweetness to it all. It’s simple yet unexpected, particularly if “cucumber sandwiches” makes you think of what’s served with afternoon tea.